Braille music translation from MusicXML
in sample DB (BrailleMUSE v5.56p181118)

This server will be closed in March, 2019.
A new server( will be ready to run from April 2019.

How to use
  1. Select following options. The use of defaults are recomended.
  2. Press "Run" .
  1. If errors do happen in alignment of dynamics or pedal mark, adjust individually
    the symbols on the original music scores using a notation software.

Selection of Chord Description  
Number of Measures per Line             
Number of Lines per Pagep                      
Number of Cells per Line:                      
-- Under development. Page format selection has not debuged except default setting. --

Rhythmic Groups Descriptions     
Partial-in-accord (Under development):    

Mark Rests Appended for In-accord Process      
Supplement Accidental Symbols 
Search Melody Repeats      
Append Measure Number          
Clef Mark                      

Braille Score Output Format:       
Print Page & Line Numbers of Original Printed Score in Page Header [under debug]:  
Pitch Transcription [under debug]: 
Note Order in Chord   
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